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Hello Baby
Lack Of Afro
The Bastion Music Group
Catalogue Number
Release Date
29 April 2016

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and DJ, Adam Gibbons (aka Lack of Afro) is back in considerable style with 'Hello Baby' - his fifth studio record and the first Lack of Afro album to be released on his own LOA Records imprint.

Described as ‘always having a knack for finding great vocal collaborations’, he has raised the bar again here! Featuring a stellar cast of guest vocalists including Grammy-award winner Joss Stone, steam-punk legend Professor Elemental & arguably the most talented young soul singer in the UK today in Elliott Cole, 'Hello Baby' is a genre-bending colossus of an album that is packed full of Adam's trademark multi-instrumental goodness, heavy drums, percussion-packed production, and ear for a good tune.

Also featured on the record is soul singer Juliette Ashby (who featured heavily in the recent Oscar-winning ‘Amy’ documentary) - Californian rapper, regular Lack of Afro collaborator (and one half of The Damn Straights) Herbal T, and rising star of the northern soul / mod scene, dancer, model & vocalist Emma Noble.

A wide-ranging, eclectic and progressive musical outlook has always been the Lack of Afro approach and ‘Hello Baby’ doesn’t disappoint. Classic R&B (‘I Got The Rhythm’, ‘Take Me Home’), Soul (‘All My Love’, ‘Fires Glow’), Hip-hop (‘One World’, ‘Walk In The Sun’), Disco (‘Magic Together’), and elements of House, Indie-Rock and a smattering of Electro (‘Now I Feel Good’, ‘Searching For Peace & Love’) all come together to create an album that is stuffed with beautiful audio gems of all varieties and is without doubt an even more confident, assured and mature collection than its predecessor.

Digitale Titelliste

  1. 1 Hello Baby Lack Of Afro 2:58 Kaufen

    Hello Baby

  2. 2 I Got the Rhythm Lack of Afro feat. Elliott Cole 3:09 Kaufen

    I Got the Rhythm

  3. 3 All My Love Lack of Afro feat. Juliette Ashby 2:55 Kaufen

    All My Love

  4. 4 (Searching For) Peace & Love Lack Of Afro 3:14 Kaufen

    (Searching For) Peace & Love

  5. 5 Take You Home Lack of Afro feat. Joss Stone 3:39 Kaufen

    Take You Home

  6. 6 Nothing Personal Lack of Afro feat. Elliott Cole 3:47 Kaufen

    Nothing Personal

  7. 7 The Bakery Girl Intermission Lack Of Afro 2:18 Kaufen

    The Bakery Girl Intermission

  8. 8 One World Lack of Afro feat. Herbal T 3:55 Kaufen

    One World

  9. 9 Fires Glow Lack of Afro feat. Emma Noble 4:02 Kaufen

    Fires Glow

  10. 10 Magic Together Lack of Afro feat. Elliott Cole 3:56 Kaufen

    Magic Together

  11. 11 Walk in the Sun Lack of Afro feat. Professor Elemental 3:35 Kaufen

    Walk in the Sun

  12. 12 Now I Feel Good Lack of Afro feat. Elliott Cole 5:05 Kaufen

    Now I Feel Good

Lack Of Afro

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