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Jack of All Trades
Lack Of Afro
The Bastion Music Group
Catalogue Number
Release Date
18 maja 2018

Never one to be constrained by musical genres, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Adam Gibbons (aka Lack of Afro) has taken it up several notches with his sixth studio record ‘Jack of All Trades’, a multi-genre tour de force that combines soul, funk, hip-hop, disco, rock and everything in-between, all wrapped up in his signature chunky production to create arguably his finest work to date.

The album is blessed with some incredible vocal performances. Regular collaborator Elliott Cole, Nick Corbin (formally of New Street Adventure), ex I Am Giant vocalist Ed Martin, Wax & Herbal T, Alyssa Marie, Camila Recchio, Juliette Ashby & Emma Noble are all on scintillating form on an album that is crammed full of infectious hooks, top musicianship, and more importantly, vibe by the bucketload!

Classic soul (‘Back To The Day’, ‘Reach Out’), hip-hop (‘Back In Business’, ‘Take It Up A Notch’), disco (‘Only You & Me’), rock (‘Over & Out’), modern soul (‘Baby Be Mine’), folk (‘Home’) and a healthy dose of funk (‘The Messin’ Around Intermission‘, ‘Good Love’), all combine to create an album that is stuffed with gorgeous phonic gems of all varieties and represents a definite step up from anything he has done before.

Packed full of beautiful horns and lush strings (and all recorded onto tape through a 1970’s mixing desk), ‘Jack of All Trades’ is Adam doing what he does best and then some – blending the old and new to come up with a crossover classic that’s entirely his own, whilst all the while ensuring that the songwriting takes centre stage.

Lista utworów

  1. 1 Back to the Day Lack of Afro feat. Elliott Cole 3:09 Kup

    Back to the Day

  2. 2 Baby Be Mine Lack of Afro feat. Juliette Ashby 3:00 Kup

    Baby Be Mine

  3. 3 Only You & Me Lack of Afro feat. Wax, Alyssa Marie, Camila Recchio 4:00 Kup

    Only You & Me

  4. 4 Over & Out Lack of Afro feat. Ed Martin 3:42 Kup

    Over & Out

  5. 5 Don't Do Me Over Lack of Afro feat. Nick Corbin 3:29 Kup

    Don't Do Me Over

  6. 6 The Messin' Around Intermission Lack Of Afro 2:18 Kup

    The Messin' Around Intermission

  7. 7 Back in Business Lack of Afro feat. Wax, Herbal T 3:46 Kup

    Back in Business

  8. 8 Reach Out (Talk Louder) Lack of Afro feat. Elliott Cole 3:09 Kup

    Reach Out (Talk Louder)

  9. 9 Home Lack of Afro feat. Nick Corbin 3:35 Kup


  10. 10 Good Love Lack of Afro feat. Emma Noble 3:41 Kup

    Good Love

  11. 11 Take It Up a Notch Lack of Afro feat. Wax, Herbal T 3:25 Kup

    Take It Up a Notch

Lack Of Afro

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